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k3na 19 posts Joined 09/14
23 Sep 2014
Triggers on Views

Hello everybody!


In the "Teradata SQL Data Definition Language" book, I read that it is not possible to create triggers on data views. I wanted to ask, whether it is also true for the teradata versions 14 and 15?


Thank you!

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
23 Sep 2014

You can see from the materials of 14& 15:
from 14 I see this:

The object referenced by table_name cannot be any of the following:

• global temporary table

• hash index

• join index

• recursive view

• queue table

• trace table

• volatile table

• view

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CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
23 Sep 2014

There is no INSTEAD OF TRIGGER functionality in Teradata.
Oracle is Oracle, Teradata is Teradata.

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