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14 Mar 2012
Tracking database object use - DBQL Object logging or enabling ObjectUseCountCollectRate ?

I am looking at removing redundant database objects and need to identify those that are rarely if ever accessed. I have thought of using DBQL Object logging for a small number of users (DBQL flush rate of 10min) or setting the ObjectUseCountCollectRate dbscontrol field so the info is updated once a day. I want to use the option with minimal performance impact. I'm a bit nervous about using the ObjectUseCountCollectRate setting as the system processes approx 5K queries per minute between 9:30am to 4:30pm each business day. I don't want DBC updated more than once a day but am concerned that the collect buffer will fill to capacity prior to this. Any thoughts on which method (DBQL or lastaltertimestamps in DBC) is better ?


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