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subu501 2 posts Joined 02/15
24 Mar 2015
Tracing stored procedure parameter values

For one of our use cases we use AccessLogV, DBQLSQLTbl , DBQLSQLTbl to trace stored procedure executions.
In order to trace its parameter values we referred QryLogParam. But the data are not traceable.
Which is the best mechanism (from the Teradata log info) to trace stored procedure calls and their parameter values?

Subu Mani
subu501 2 posts Joined 02/15
31 Mar 2015

Hello experts,
any direction on how to overcome the issue?

Subu Mani

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
01 Apr 2015

Not sure of the question. Did you enable query logging with the PARAMINFO option?

super25 19 posts Joined 07/11
30 Oct 2015

you need to enable this replace Query Logging with PARAMINFO on ALL; (or specific account you would like to).
The only issue i had is that i can trace any store proc parameters executed from SQLA but could not trace any procs that executed from a .NEt applicaiton, any idea?  

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