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bhartiya007 29 posts Joined 03/14
26 Mar 2015
TPT usage with informatica

Hi All,
I have some questions on TPT usage with Informatica. We have some tables( with billion records) in oracle  and we have to load it to non empty Teradata table in a parallel mode.
My manager suggested to use TPT. Will that be advantageous? What will be the benefits of using TPT instead of traditional Mload.
Plz suggest some insights into it.

bhartiya007 29 posts Joined 03/14
22 Apr 2015

Hi All,
We are using stream operator for the above scenario.However, i have few more questions i could not find the answers of. Appreciate any reply:
1)TPT does not create any control/loader log for detailed error description when used with informatica. What are the options for troubleshooting any errors?
2) How can we specify more than one operator for a particular connection in informatica.


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