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rychitre 25 posts Joined 04/07
29 Dec 2008
TPT error

I am reading data from one server and load into other, I am getting different errors.I am just putting my code down. I am getting at AND clause in select statement.I need to create volatile table for below select and then run big select suing that and then load data in different table. PLEASE help what should I need to do with TPT.DEFINE JOB TPT3_LOAD_JOBDESCRIPTION 'TPT Job for PCA.aflt_loc'( DEFINE SCHEMA SUPV_SCHEMA ( Supv_Attuid varchar(20), Supv_srid decimal(10,0), Supv_FirstName varchar(40), Supv_MiddleName varchar(40), Supv_LastName varchar(40) );DEFINE OPERATOR ExportOperatorDESCRIPTION 'Export hierarchy from SBC EDW'TYPE EXPORTSCHEMA SUPV_SCHEMA ATTRIBUTES ( VARCHAR TdpID = '', VARCHAR UserName = 'rc0899', VARCHAR UserPassword = 'honda123', INTEGER MaxSessions = 32, INTEGER MinSessions = 4, INTEGER TenacityHours = 6, INTEGER TenacitySleep = 2, VARCHAR PrivateLogName, VARCHAR SelectStmt = 'SELECT DISTINCT ATTRIB.SBC_USER_ID as Supv_Attuid, ATTRIB.SALES_RES_ID as Supv_srid, ATTRIB.FIRST_NM as Supv_FirstName, ATTRIB.MIDDLE_NM as Supv_MiddleName, ATTRIB.LAST_NM as Supv_LastName FROM SDR_ACCESS_VIEWS.VCCR0H8S_SALES_RES_ATTR ATTRIB, SDR_ACCESS_VIEWS.VCCR0H5S_ORG_NODE_SUPVSR SUPV WHERE ATTRIB.SALES_RES_ID = SUPV.SALES_RES_ID[color=16] AND ATTRIB.EFF_END_DT >= date AND ATTRIB.DATA_SNAPSHOT_DT = date AND ATTRIB.ENTITY_DB_STATUS_ON_SNAPSHOT = 'C' /* use current supervisor records */ AND SUPV.EFF_END_DT >= date AND SUPV.DATA_SNAPSHOT_DT = date AND SUPV.ENTITY_DB_STATUS_ON_SNAPSHOT = 'C';'[/color] );DEFINE OPERATOR LoadOperatorTYPE LOADSCHEMA *ATTRIBUTES(VARCHAR TdpID = '',VARCHAR UserName = 'rc0899',VARCHAR UserPassword = 'honda$456',INTEGER MaxSessions = 8,INTEGER MinSessions = 8,VARCHAR TargetTable = 'SLSWIRDB.natt_supvsr_hier',VARCHAR ErrorTable1 = 'SLSWIRDB.natt_supvsr_hier_e1',VARCHAR ErrorTable2 = 'SLSWIRDB.natt_supvsr_hier_e2',VARCHAR LogTable = 'SLSWIRDB.natt_supvsr_hier_log',VARCHAR WorkTable = 'SLSWIRDB.natt_supvsr_hier_wt') ;APPLY('insert into SLSWIRDB.natt_supvsr_hier(rprsnt_attuid)VALUES(: Supv_Attuid);')TO OPERATOR ( LoadOperator[2] )SELECT Supv_Attuid FROM OPERATOR ( ExportOperator[4]););

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
30 Dec 2008

You have to "escape" the embedded quotes by doubling them. For example:SelectStmt VARCHAR 'SELECT ......AND ATTRIB.ENTITY_DB_STATUS_ON_SNAPSHOT = ''C''...;'

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