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JJCrum 8 posts Joined 06/07
29 Oct 2013
Total number of AWTs

How can I find the total number of AWTs that are configured for a system? 

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
30 Oct 2013

I think this is what you are looking for


In addition:


I think you have to see the settings for settings of AWT per amp, which is usually 80.Besides, you have  Work00, work type for query from dispatcher and Work01 for spawned query and other 24 reserved AWTs on each amp.


So my understanding is 


Number of AWTs per amp - Number of AWTs in std reserve pools + 3( Work00 + Work01) Which evaluates to

 80- 24 + 3(1 +1) .


This is usable amp worker task.




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Woody 16 posts Joined 10/09
30 Oct 2013

MaxAMPWorkerTasks in DBSCONTROL Internal fields provides what you are looking for.

VBurmist 96 posts Joined 12/09
31 Oct 2013

Note that this is "per amp" number.  If you have tactical queries that access 1-2 amps only, they'll consume AWTs only on those AMPs.

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