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abhi_pn 14 posts Joined 02/14
21 Sep 2015
Timestamp conversion failing

Hello All. 
We have two tables as below. Both the tables have 1 column COLLECT_DATE_TIME Timestamp(1).
When I am inserting a value '2015-09-21 21:59:45' to DB_DEV.ABCD, its going thru successfully. Teradata is implicitly converting the value to Timestamp(1) and inserting. However, when my testing counterpart is inserting the same value to DB_TEST.ABCD, it is failing.
Is there any reason for such different behaviour at different dbs/users. Do we have any session parameter which is causing such difference. Would request inputs here.
Thanks in advance

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
23 Sep 2015

If using ODBC, be sure DateTimeFormat option is IAA or AAA.

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