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jsergey 15 posts Joined 06/07
23 Mar 2011
The size of Prepared Statement object


I need in a little bit specific information - I need to know how much memory is consumed by statements prepared by Teradata database (in case of using Prepared Statements).
I'm using application server's cache, and in that cache each prepared statement object consumes some amount of memory and the actual amount is variable, based on the database vendor in use (as well as the number and size of parameter data).
So, how to determine actual amount of memory needed for statement prepared by Teradata database?


tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
23 Mar 2011

Are you asking about a PreparedStatement object created by the Teradata JDBC Driver?

jsergey 15 posts Joined 06/07
23 Mar 2011

I think, yes (cause app server returns cached PreparedStatement objects).

I need it to measure how much memory will be consumed by caches of different capacities.

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