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Max.Lee 8 posts Joined 09/07
16 Jul 2008
The installed Teradata Express Database can't be connected

Hi, I have downloaded Teradata Express Database 12 from official web site, after I install "BYNET Driver""Teradata Database""Teradata Express Tools"I found I can use ODBC datasource "tdadmin" connect to installed DB by SQL Assistant.I have create another ODBC datasource "MyTest" just follow "tdadmin" and try to connect to DB again, and get following error:10065 WSA E HostUnreach: The Teradata server can't currently be reached over this networkI tried back to use "tdadmin", and same error happened, even after I restart my PC, I still can't connect to my installed DB through either ways.My PC: WinXP with SP3.

Max.Lee 8 posts Joined 09/07
18 Jul 2008

are there anyone can help me?

Max.Lee 8 posts Joined 09/07
27 Jul 2008

If I can't find answer from here, where can I find it.

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
28 Jul 2008

Hello,Have you checked your HOST file? Is Teradata UP & Running?HTH!Regards,Adeel

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