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tapsips1 1 post Joined 05/16
16 Jul 2016
Text Manipulation-Identify a 6 Character String and Replace with Ideal text

I have description column in a table that is pulling in a 6 character integer (like 123456) from somewhere. I would like to identify the 6 character string and replace it with the ideal text/number.
Complication: the 6 digit integer is not stable and it could any random combination (say 654321 or 124253 etc.,)
I have tried the following with little success;
select oreplace (description, '123456','£')
The above may be a solution but only for the specific case (the integer is 123456)..
Question: Is there a way of identifying any random 6 digit integer  combination in a string and replacing it with what I want?
Thank you in advance

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
17 Jul 2016

Simply use a regular expression, this will replace exactly 6 digits:
REGEXP_REPLACE (description, '[0-9]{6}','£')


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