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06 Oct 2014
terdata sql optimisation (tuning)

Hello All,
what are the factors should consider to increase the performance of query? Is there any automation tool where we can dump whole query an check the recommendations like we have in microsoft sql ( sql profiler). Can any one provide me the link for sample videos on teradata sql tuning/optimisation or any guide for begginers? and also in teradata viewpoint what are limitation we have to check to avoid long running queries?
my questions looks simple to all but please help me to understand the concept of Tuning terdata sql's.
Thanks alot guys.

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Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
06 Oct 2014

Factors can be size of tables, wrong choice of PIs, joins , stale stats etc etc.
Teradata is so rich in terms of tools.  You can have a look at  explain or tools like TD index wizard, TVE,TSET, TD workload analyzer if you have access to. Take your QCD and play with it.
Viewpoint is for monitoring 

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