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06 Feb 2006
Teradata V2R5.1 on Windows 2000 would not come up.

I have installed Teradata V2R5.1 on Windows 2000 Advanced Server. The componenents i have installed are the Cliv 2.04.07, Teradata Database(TNT., piom. Connectivity Driver), and BTEQ along with Bynet. I am installing all this on a virutal machine. The BYNET network connection could not get an IP Address from the DHCP, hence i had to configure it manually. However, when i go in Teradata Multitool i find both PDE and the database are not started. When trying to start them, i get an hour glass that never comes back. Starting the Teradata RDBMS Service from the services panel, the service comes up for a moment and then goes down.I haven't seen anything like BYNET in V2R5 or earlier versions of Teradata. I presume it is something new in V2R5.1 onwards which i am unalbe to configure correctly and hence the database does not come up. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks,A

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