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svyschd 9 posts Joined 03/09
10 Jul 2009

I have some data extracts on Teradata that needs to be sent over to Informix database. How do i do that?

robpaller 159 posts Joined 05/09
10 Jul 2009

You could either FastExport the data to a flat file and load it to Informix or investigate one of the countless ETL / data integration tools on the market to move the data between the two systems.

Gruutal 14 posts Joined 02/09
17 Jul 2009

What you can use is an ETL tool. There are open source tools available for free. Talend Open Studio is an open source ETL tool for data integration and migration experts. It's easy to learn for a non-technical user. What distinguishes Talend, when it comes to business users, is the tMap component. It allows the user to get a graphical and functional view of integration processes. For more information:

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