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niggazflavors 5 posts Joined 05/13
12 Feb 2015
Teradata round values wrongly

Friends, I have the following problem: I have a final table, where some values are rounded wrongly. There is no transformation of these values. The tables have the same data type, decimal (9.2) and FastExport it converts to the same data type. An example I got was a value of 46.23. Until the last work, this value is correct, but among the FastExport and Mload, this value change to 47.00 at some point, I can not tell which.


Does anyone know what can it be?

kadirevciler 3 posts Joined 08/12
12 Feb 2015

Fast export is a client application and client applications can be affected by addional settings on computer that is installed. Please check the additional setting on the client computer it may be changed laster last work. When I tested with No. of digits after decimal =2 and everything seems ok.
Kadir Evciler

niggazflavors 5 posts Joined 05/13
12 Feb 2015

Hi Kadir,
Remember that not all values are with this problem. Is this possible?


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