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magrawal 4 posts Joined 08/06
16 Aug 2006
Teradata Parallel Transporter TPT API

I am new to Teradata and would appreciate, if someone could respond to following queries.-Is there any documentation on the architechture of Teradata and how does it store the data/tables?-Where can I find the TPT API/SDK and relevant documentation on HOWTO use it? Is it available for free download from NCS?-Is TPT API supported in v2r5 version?-Are there any samples of code which depicts the usage of TPT API to extract data from/load data into Teradata?ThanksPSPL

Barry-1604 176 posts Joined 07/05
17 Aug 2006

You can find free documentation at TPT documentation is under "Teradata Tools and Utilities". If you go to "Teradata Tools and Utilities 8.1", you will find there is a manual on the TPT API.To get somewhat familiar with Teradata, you can go to "Teradata Database" and go into "v2r6.1.1" (for the latest release). In there, there is a manual called "Introduction to Teradata Warehouse". There is a section on data distribution.I don't believe that the TPT/API was introduced prior to the 8.1 release. Prior to 8.1, TPT was called Teradata Warehouse Builder, so you can find documentation on it for v2r5 (TTU 7.0 or 7.1) under that release.I have not used the TPT/API (though I have used Teradata Warehouse Builder pretty extensively). It does look like the TPT/API manual does contain some code examples.Good luck!

magrawal 4 posts Joined 08/06
17 Aug 2006

Thank you Barry for your detaled reply. I will go thro' the docs.I am trying to extract/load data from/to TD using these TPT APIs thro C++. so I am waiting for the v2r6 to get shipped soon. In the meantime, I have the v2r5 version, so can you pl guide me in making use of TWB API by sharing some code snippets?Thanks.Mataprasad

GreatSushant 12 posts Joined 05/05
21 Aug 2006

Hi Let me know this is th eone you want fot your postings on forum===================================================================PCNVFESP utility converts FastExport scripts into TWB jobscripts that use the TWB Export operator and possibly:DataConnector OperatorAccess Modules (via the DataConnectorPCNVFEXP utility takes as its primary arguments:The file containing the FastExport script and The file that will contain the resulting TWB job scriptpcnvfexp -i FastExportScriptFileName -o TWBScriptFileName -b BteqJobFilename -d MessageFilenameSushant Paricharak

glennabernethy 3 posts Joined 08/09
16 Oct 2009

The question that wasn't answered was - where do we get the TPT API (specifically x64). I've talked to teradata support who don't even know they make a 64-bit TPT API. I know it's out there, how do we get it?

MarkJBrayshaw 6 posts Joined 12/12
11 May 2015

I need to get the latest patch of the TPT API to help with a problem with Informatica, Looking on the T@YS site I can find the TTU for 14.10 that has the latest levels for GSS, ICU and CLI, but there is no mention of the TPT API itself.  Can anyone tell me where to find the TPT API software? 

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