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N_Raghu 34 posts Joined 12/13
12 May 2014
Teradata Jobs Automation

I need some advice regarding teradata job automation. 
I am working on monthly data pulls from our Enterprise DW using parameterized macros. I am currently running these macros on my desktop using SQL Assistant and would like to automate it. Our team do not have Unix server so shell scripting is not an option. All we have is a windows server which we have Microsoft sql server db on it. I am thinking to install teradata on our windows server and schedule jobs using windows scheduler. I also want to schedule TPT jobs in future.
I do not have experience doing this using windows scheduler. Is this a good approach to start? Any other ideas?
Is there any free tool that can be more intuitive for teradata job scheduling on windows?
Thanks in advance,

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
12 May 2014

It is always advisable to have  scheduler, since jobs may take priorities, SLAs etc. and you told that Unix/Linux is also is out of question.
You may try Window's  Task Scheduler in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools
and see how if  it suits your prerequisites :)

Raja K Thaw
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N_Raghu 34 posts Joined 12/13
12 May 2014

Thank You Raja. I will try implement using task scheduler.
I am really looking for something more intuitive interface or tool on windows. But it seems I am the only one who wants to schedule teradata jobs on windows in the whole world :(


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