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alaa26 2 posts Joined 06/15
19 Jun 2015
Teradata HW

I am new to Teradata, and I want to know a little about the HW.
Is the HW proprietary to Teradata? who makes it?
and can it repurposed for other things if Teradata database is moved to a new HW?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
21 Jun 2015

Hi Alaa,
only the network (Teradata's Bynet) is proprietary, otherwise Teradata servers are standard Intel-based hardware (OEMed DELLs) running Suse Enterprise Linux.


alaa26 2 posts Joined 06/15
22 Jun 2015

Hi Dieter,

nThanks for your respond, so, the Database servers can be repurposed to whatever purpose, when time come to refresh the HW?

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