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190sabya 2 posts Joined 01/15
14 May 2015
Teradata Express Sample Databases.

What are the sample databases installed in Teradata Express 15? I know some of them such as retail, financial but don't know if there are some more. Where can I find such information? Is there any data model for these databases. Is there any sample database for Warehouse miner express?
I googled the question but couldn't find any answers. Can anyone please help me.

190sabya 2 posts Joined 01/15
16 May 2015

I got the name of all the sample databases. All database names are stored in dbc.DBase table. select * from dbc.DBase;
I was getting a runtime error while launching the Teradata Studio Express from Windows. The issue was JDK and TD Studio were not installed in the same path.
The same databases are: Transportation, Financial, Retail and Manufacturing.
Thanks to Teradata team for providing Teradata Express for developers.

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