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misza 5 posts Joined 03/08
17 Dec 2008
Teradata Express installer freezes

Hello.I have downloaded the Teradata Express 12.0 installer.After going successfully through first two steps (Teradata BYNET Driver and Teradata Database), I'm stuck.I'm trying to run the Teradata Express Tools (Service Control, Getting started scripts etc) but the installer then freezes. I can see the Setup.exe program on the process list, but nothing else happens, no matter how long I wait.The same thing happens when I try to run the TTU installer (BTEQ, Assistant, FastLoad etc) or when I try to manually run the Setup.exe programs from their respective folders.I have even disabled the firewall and antivirus but still no luck.Can anyone help me?

vivek24seven 2 posts Joined 01/09
15 Jan 2009

TD 12 is not compatible with Vista as yet. So if you have Windows Vista as the OS, you'll not be able to use it.

sRavanSarma 23 posts Joined 11/08
15 Jan 2009

Hi,I don't think so.I have windows Vista on my laptop and got TD12 installed.Every thing works fine for me.

misza 5 posts Joined 03/08
16 Jan 2009

The problem occurs on Windows XP with ServicePack 2.

nagarjun 2 posts Joined 01/09
20 Jan 2009

Hey, Could you please share the URL for downloading Teradata DB software? I have been trying to download it since 2 days with out luck.Thanks,Nagarjun.

chownc 4 posts Joined 02/10
22 Feb 2010

I'm having the same error on Windows XP - Service Pack 2.Did you find a solution? Does SP3 fix the issue?

chownc 4 posts Joined 02/10
23 Feb 2010

I've tried a lot of things but have just managed to install Teradata Express Edition v12 on Windows XP Service Pack 2.My group policies prevent me from installing Windows Updates so I couldn't try SP3.I thought I'd document what I did in case anyone else is facing the same issue...1. As a user with Administrator access, run the main Teradata setup. From the Install menu, click and install:- - Teradata BYNET Driver - Teradata Database2. Exit setup and restart machine in "Safe Mode". (Tap the F8 key while computer is restarting. Choose Safe Mode from the menu)3. Run main Teradata setup again. From the Install menu, click and install "Teradata Express Tools"4. Install "Teradata Tools and Utilities" *** IMPORTANT ********************************************************** Choose Typical and deselect all products for "silent install" Continue install and files will start to be extracted At some point, an error will appear "1067: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime". This is becuase Windows is running in Safe Mode Before clicking OK, copy everything from %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp\*.* to c:\temp\TD_installers\*.* Close error message ************************************************************************5. Restart Windows normally6. Install (run the setup.exe) for each of the the Teradata tools found in c:\temp\TD_installers\_ISTMP3.DIR\_ISTMP0.DIR. Not sure if necessary but I installed them in this order:- - SharedICULibrariesforTeradata - Teradata_GSS_Client - CLI_Module - DataConnector - ARC - BTEQ - FastExport - FastLoad - Multiload - NamedPipes - ODBC_Driver_for_Teradata - OLE_DB_AM - Preprocessor - SharedICULibrariesforTeradata - Teradata_Administrator - Teradata_Dynamic_Workload_Manager - Teradata_GSS_Client - Teradata_Index_Wizard - Teradata_JMS - Teradata_Mgr - Teradata_Performance_Monitor - Teradata_SQL_Assistant - Teradata_Statistics_Wizard - Teradata_System_Emulation_Tool - Teradata_Workload_Analyzer - TPump - TQS_Administrator - TQS_Client - TQS_Server - Visual_Explain - WebSphere_Access_Module_for_Teradata7. Run the main Teradata setup and from the Install Menu, click and install "Teradata Warehouse Miner".8. Delete the temporary directory used earlier, c:\temp\TD_installersAll seems to be working OK for now. Probably easier just to download and install the VMWare image though!! :)Cheers, Chris

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