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erics01 4 posts Joined 06/10
18 May 2015
Teradata DBQL logging setup and maintanence document for TD 15

There are DBQL logging setup and maintenance documents for TD 13.X and 14.X available on the database download page.
What about TD 15 ? Is this documents already available ?
Regards, Eric

dnarva 7 posts Joined 03/10
11 Jun 2015

Seconding Eric's question... interested in TD 15.0 docs for DBQL.

goldminer 118 posts Joined 05/09
13 Jun 2015

I posted the following last August..... crickets!  Does Donna Becker still work for Teradata?

07 Aug 2014

TD15.00 DBQL Migration Scripts

I have looked in the usual places for the DBQL migration scripts but do not see anything related to 15.0. Does anyone know where these scripts are located or if they have been released? I'm not seeing much doco around 15.0 yet (upgrading, pdcr, dbql, etc.).




slemmer 4 posts Joined 03/15
18 Aug 2015

Looking for the 15.0 version as well. 

dclark 2 posts Joined 05/11
22 Oct 2015

check with: 
Dan Fritz, Senior Product Manager
Performance and System Management Services Office - 317.742.7291


DanFritz 2 posts Joined 06/09
22 Oct 2015

Beginning in TD 15 – we actually have core PDCR structures as part of the DIP scripts.  Running the PDCR DIP script will install all the core tables, macros, and stored procedures necessary to move ResUsage and DBQL data from DBC into PDCRDATA.
After running DIPPDCR, take a look at PDCRADM, within you'll find data movement macros.  You can use LoadDBQLTmp, LoadDBQLHstTbls, ManageDBQLTmp to move DBQL data, and LoadResUsage for Resusage data.

m.tahoon 43 posts Joined 09/11
02 Dec 2015

aftre upgrade to 15.10 i can't find PDCRADM database installed, maybe DIPPDCR hadn't run.
Do PDCR only availbale as separate PS product also on 15 ?
it will be painful since the old SYS_MGMT script where available and no new version for 15.

ToddAWalter 316 posts Joined 10/11
02 Dec 2015

PDCR is part of the product as of TD15 and later. But DIPPDCR must be run to install the tables, macros,...

lihilda 2 posts Joined 07/15
02 Dec 2015

Where can I find the macro DIPPDCR? I can't find it when I "list of the macros & procedure" using Teradata Administrator in both TD14 or TD15 VM Express. 

ToddAWalter 316 posts Joined 10/11
03 Dec 2015

DIPPDCR is a script which is part of the install/upgrade process for the Teradata database. 
The upgrade process should be rechecked and make sure this script gets executed. 

raf_vandormael 1 post Joined 09/07
16 Jun 2016

We currently are still in 14.10 and plan to go to 15.10. Today we archive our DBQL / resusage data to a database we've created ourselves. It's named is certainly not PDCR.
* How generic is that DIPPDCR script? Does it have the ability to provide an target-databasename upon launch?
* As mentioned we skip 15.10 and go immediately towards 15.10.  DIPPDCR script can handle all that? migration of it's data included?

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