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goldminer 118 posts Joined 05/09
10 Apr 2013
Teradata DBLink

A question that I get from developers on a routine basis is "When is Teradata going to develop DB Links?"  As a DBA, I could use this functionality as well.  Has anyone else ever inquired about DB Links from Teradata?... if so... any response?  I know that to move data between systems one needs to write a fastexport/fastload.  It would be nice to write a sql statement similar to insert into prod.tablea sel * from @test.tablea.  Does anyone know of any underlying architectural issues within the Teradata environment that would make a db link problematic to develop?  Deiter... any input?

CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
11 Apr 2013

Hi joe.
TD14.10 is expected to bring dblinks (sort of).
Also, there are some C-written UDFs that can mimic the dblink functionality.

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
11 Apr 2013

Data Mover is our recommended product for moving data from one Teradata system to another.
TPT can use an ODBC driver to communicate with Oracle, in order to move data between Oracle and Teradata.
And of course, some of our software vendor partners offer products to move data between Teradata and other databases.

dbc1012 3 posts Joined 03/09
23 Jun 2016

Also, check out this article that I wrote - I call the tool DbLinks.

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