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Santanu84 122 posts Joined 04/13
21 Nov 2013
Teradata Data Types to Oracle

Hi All
I am having problems while loading data from Oracle to TD14. In most cases the problem is with data type, like NUMBER(p,s), LONG RAW, NVARCHAR2 including Unicode, Multi byte and different Character Set etc.
I am looking for a specific document or link where I can precisely find all sort of data type details for "Teradata vs Oracle".
Please help.

M.Saeed Khurram 544 posts Joined 09/12
21 Nov 2013

Hi Santanu,
The following link might help you,


Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
22 Nov 2013

Hi Shantanu,
As I see more and more people migrating oracle to Teradata, I recommend them understanding the functionality too like , if you have nested tables, index by binary integer, varchar, record composite type , collection methods etc. These data types called from subprograms can be implemented using Teradata in a similar way.

Raja K Thaw
My wiki:
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Santanu84 122 posts Joined 04/13
23 Nov 2013

Thanks Saeed and Raja. We try to understand the functionality from source end before bringing them to TD. But some time it is not possible to do rnd on source data and they are being brought through etl tool. 
I thought that if a reference in tabular format can be found for data types between oracle and td, that would be really good.
Anyway thanks for updates.

DIECORP24 2 posts Joined 05/11
05 Dec 2013

Hi Santanud,
What ODBC Oracle version are you using?

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