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HABBIE 5 posts Joined 11/14
16 Jul 2015
Teradata backup of a database

I am very new to teradata. recently I have installed teradata 15 on my machine & trying to work with it. Created few procedures & functions. Now My problem is I have to take the backup of one database on my terdata machine. 
I don't find any proper links to get this backup done:
1)How can i backup complete teradata database from the CLI.
As I dont have any tools like BAR,TARA etc. I think those are paid versions, which I can't effort as I am learning with freewares.
So i request the experts to kindly provide me the steps how can i get a backup of teradata database from the CLI.
Thanks in advance

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
16 Jul 2015

Create a file like this:

LOGON ....

And then run that using arcmain < this_file from the linux terminal (the backup tools simply provide GUIs for that).
Check the manuals for details:


HABBIE 5 posts Joined 11/14
21 Jul 2015

Thanks for the information. Now I can able to get the backup of my database. I m having a question regarding this 
here we are archiveing only the tables it seems. what about the procedures, functions etc. Everything will be with the myfile itself.I mean can I use this backup directly on the other machine.

vhota86 3 posts Joined 06/15
24 Jul 2015

Every object other than Database and Users are trated as Tables in Teradata.the above backup script includes tables, views, macros, SPs, triggers,UDFs.
BTW both database and user are basically databases in Teradata.

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