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ntddba 1 post Joined 03/06
02 Mar 2006
Teradata Backup

HiI am new to Teradata. I understand that there are 2 types of backups required. One for DBC data dictionary and the reste for other databases. I believe that ARCUSER1 can handle the backup of other databases. But DBC backups can be taken only by DBC ? If so I would have to give the password to the operations team responsible for backups. I am not comfortable with that. Is there anyway we can create an user that can handle all the backups including DBC ?ThanksSam

Bob Hanson 1 post Joined 01/05
03 Mar 2006

You normally have a user that is used for backup purposes.When using Arcmain to perform a backup it is true that you take two backups. I am including two examples, one for DBC and another for something else.This first example will backup just the metadata for the root database DBC and excludes other databases.ARCHIVE DATA TABLES (DBC) ALL,EXCLUDE (APPL_G1) ALL,(APPL_G2) ALL,(APPL_G3) ALL,(APPL_G4) ALL,(APPL_G5) ALL,(APPL_G6) ALL,(APPL_G7) ALL,(APPL_G8) ALL,(APPL_G9) ALL,(APPL_G10) ALL,(APPL_G11) ALL,(APPL_GB) ALL,(APPL_GF) ALL,(APPL_GJ) ALL,RELEASE LOCK,NONEMPTY DATABASES,FILE = X;LOGOFF;This second example performs an all amps dump of the database systemfe.LOGON $LOGON;ARCHIVE DATA TABLES (SystemFe) ALL,RELEASE LOCK,FILE = X;LOGOFF;Hope this helps explain things and good luck with Teradata.

BBR2 96 posts Joined 12/04
05 Mar 2006

Standard practice is to have two user ID Netvault1 and Netvault2 (assume you are using Netvault as your BAR solution).One user will be responsible for archiving (DUMP permissions) while other user will be used for restoring (RESTORE/CREATE /DROP apart from other SELECT on DBC tables.There is no need for you to use DBC user. You can create these users and use these for your backup solutions.I have seen this in at least 3 shops. Let us see if we get more inputs from others.Vinay

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