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sunitha-2928 12 posts Joined 07/06
16 Jul 2006
teradata and oracle architecture

What is the difference between teradata's shared nothing architecture and oracle's distributed architecture.

balaji.s 2 posts Joined 07/06
18 Jul 2006

The basic difference is that in teradata we have the concept of AMPs which takes care of the part of database virtually assigned to it. It takes care of all the operation relating to the data which is in that AMP. This is not the case of oracleEven though oracle supports SMP and MPP it doesn't have shared nothing architecture but a distributed architecture.for more information refer the attachment.

aneelkumar 2 posts Joined 11/10
15 Nov 2010


WAQ 158 posts Joined 02/10
22 Nov 2010

In oracle (G versions) there is a full support for parallelism. Then what is the difference between the two? Is oracle (G versions) based on MPP?
By the way there is no attachment.

04 Apr 2011


Thanks balaji. did not see the attchments !

pimateos 1 post Joined 04/11
05 Apr 2011

In Oracle Hexadata there is parallelism in the top of the architecture, but there is a bottleneck behind it and it's not parallelism from this part to the core. Pls, have a look in the Oracle Hexadata Architecture and you can see it.

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