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visakhcr 46 posts Joined 11/07
29 Jan 2008
Teradata and Mainframe

HiI will starting to work with teradata in a mainframe environment soon. Can anyone share some material and tips about it?thx.

Regards, BB
30 Jan 2008

what is it that you are looking for specifically?The only difference in using Mainframe is you create JCL's (which are more like shell scripts) that call the contro members (which are the bteq, Mload, or Fload etc)This is when you place your scripts in production / test.but for regular querying we use windows environment sql assistant.

visakhcr 46 posts Joined 11/07
01 Feb 2008

thanks for the reply...i got some materials on much depth some I go into it?


psyam 5 posts Joined 02/08
04 Feb 2008

You should know how to write JCL(if you see sample scripts u can understand),how to run the job and how to see job run details and error codes.Some times you may require using GDG's(files).

DeBerg 2 posts Joined 11/07
19 Feb 2008

Are you looking to do application development on a mainframe or run Teradata utilities?

23 Apr 2013

Hi all,
Can u pls suggest me some pointers to start with for JCL as I am bit new to it.
thanks in advance!

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