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varnas 1 post Joined 11/14
26 Nov 2014
Teradata 14 certification Help

I am planning to write Teradata 14 certifications. Can any one suggest me which materials are good to study. I am planning to write first 3 exams in next month.  Please guide me if you know any good materials.
Thanks in advance

GianTD 47 posts Joined 11/14
02 Dec 2014

Try amazon TD 14 certification books (for just certification study) along with TD manuals (for detailed study)

Ashokks_85 7 posts Joined 08/11
08 Jan 2015

The amazon TD14 guide is of no use and wont be really helpful for clearing the exams. The online documentation of teradata corporation will be enough to clear the exams.

Ashok k.s

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