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super25 19 posts Joined 07/11
13 Aug 2012
Teradata 13 Vs 14

Can someone please layout any major differences with these 2 versions or point me to any document that shows the every change. I have read few details about that but wanted dive into more details,  I am more concerned about any features that are dis continued in 14 that are currently suported in 13. Thanks

ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
13 Aug 2012

Start with the release summary of 13.10 (13.00 -> 13.10)

Release Summary

and the release Summary of 14.00 (13.10 -> 14.00)

14.0 Release Summary - Documentation - Teradata

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Brams4Career 2 posts Joined 05/14
14 May 2014

I Need Teradata 14 Updates. i mean, Difference Between Teradata 14 and 13.10. Some One Tell me about these Differences...

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VandeBergB 182 posts Joined 09/06
14 May 2014

The release summaries that ulrich pointed you to describe all the new features and fuctionality, i.e. the difference between TD 13 and TD 14, including the dot releases.

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