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08 May 2014
Temporal Table Updates

I have a temporal table,"Policy_Dtls" with columns: CustID,PolicyID,PolicyType,ServiceReq_Num,Policy_Mod_T T .

Policy_Mod_TT is TransactionTime column.

Initially Customer A is offered a policy '123X' ,Policytype:General through Service Request No# 123985.

Customer A requests a change of his Policy Type to 'Premium' after 2 months through Service Request No# 138675.


When I update the temporal table:


UPDATE Policy_Dtls

SET PolicyType='Premium',


where CustID='A'

and PolicyID='123x';


A new row is inserted into the temporal table, however the ServiceReq_Num in the original column and new column are both updated with the 

new value(138675).Is there any way I can retain the old service request Number and still have one additional row reflecting 

the new policy type?Is it possible to avoid multiple updates for PolicyType and ServiceReq_Num separately.


What would be a possible solution for this .

Appreciate your help!!

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