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07 Dec 2013
TD14.10 feature experience

Is there anybody who have upgraded system to TD14.10? How are your experiences with different TD14.10 features? In 14.10 release definition it is written that 14.10 needs more memory per node. What will happen if we upgrade to TD14.10 with no upgrade to memory? Only challenge will be for "In memory integellence" feature or there will be any other issues.
Any experience or any thought?

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Shrinivas Sagare

VandeBergB 182 posts Joined 09/06
07 Dec 2013

We just finished a multiphased upgrade to 14.10/SLES11 on 6680's that were previously running 13.10/SLES 10. We've had no issues with anything running at all.  Our pre-upgrade testing didn't have any code or reserved word issues.  The process was extremely smooth.  The Teradata CS team ran into a couple of gotchas but they were solved rapidly and had no impact on our outage timeline.
With any new features, you've got to make sure that you're not "overdoing" it, just because 14.10 gives you a quintillion possible partitions, doesn't mean that using that many is a good idea.  The columnar helps nicely where it's supposed to but we've seen it cause some performance issues in dev when people expected magic and miracles.
Learn to use what it gives you judiciously and I don't think the memory will be an issue.
Good Luck!

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