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ravimans 54 posts Joined 02/14
27 Apr 2014
TD Version differences

Could anyone tell the major differences between the TDv13 & v14. I referred some of the teradata docs
but some of them are detailed and has only few differences for database v14.
Just wanted to make sure that i am not missing anything. If you have any docs that summarises the difference across all TD versions
please share it with me. Thanks in advance,

kumar_abhilash 15 posts Joined 04/14
27 Apr 2014

New functio in teradata 14.20:-Dense_rank(ANSI),Median,To_number,NVL,Decode
New Data type :-Number(similar to oracle 38 digit long)
BLOCK Size is increased to 1 MB from 127.5 kb
Compression:-Using mvc and alc compression time and timestamp column can be compressed.
column can have unicode character as well

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
28 Apr 2014

For ease of referrals , I keep few links. Will the below links  be helpful , since you are looking at high level?
Again releases are there in 14......
At more detailed level, it will be huge really.

Raja K Thaw
My wiki:
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hhoeck 3 posts Joined 12/10
30 Apr 2014

Try the release notes of 13-10 and 14-00. The Summary includes all differences between 13-00 and 14-00.
The ReleaseNotes are part of the Documantation, available at
13-10 ->
14-00 ->

ravimans 54 posts Joined 02/14
05 Jun 2014

Thanks everyone for the details.

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