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22 Mar 2014
TD questions

Hi all,
Can you pls suggest on the below?
Which two are considerations for Unicode data and the Teradata Database? (Choose two.)
A. Password controls can use the Unicode character set.
B. Linux C library wide-character routines are used to manipulate Unicode strings.
C. A VARCHAR column defined with a Unicode character set has a maximum of 64,000
D. The V versions of Data Dictionary views access the Unicode object name fields without
--not sure abt this...
Prior to implementing an active application, which capacity planning metric must be planned for
before the application achieves full production status?
A. the number of users
B. the number of views used by the application
C. the number of macros used by the application
D. maximum query text size used by the application
E. concurrency of all-AMP operations during peak period used by the application
i think its A..
Which two are considerations of the ODBC interface and Unicode data with the Teradata
Database? (Choose two.)
A. Passwords are converted to Unicode when stored in theTeradata Database.
B. The EBCDIC session character set is supported for the Unicode ODBC driver.
C. For Unicode character columns, the largestColumnSize is 64,000 characters.
D. Large Objects (LOBs) defined with the Unicode character set are limited to approximately 1 GB.
Pls suggest.
Thanks in advance.

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22 Mar 2014


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27 Mar 2014

Hi Experts,

Please suggest on above queries .
Thanks in advance!


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