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tdgi 31 posts Joined 02/08
03 Sep 2008
TD Express 12 won't start on fresh install

Hi all!I just installed TD Express 12 on a Windows XP SP3 box, with DEP set to alwaysoff. However, I can't get PDE to start. Sometimes, it'll say that segmain.exe crashed, and other times, pdestate -w will show it hanging on START/NETCONFIG, then after a long delay, goes back to DOWN/HARDSTOP.Any idea what might be wrong here? I thought the Demo was supposed to work on a non-server-class system straight out of the box...Thanks in advance!

tdgi 31 posts Joined 02/08
08 Sep 2008

I uninstalled, then reinstalled, complete with reboot, and am still encountering the same problem.Has anyone else had this error before? (segmain.exe crash) Or does the demo version work for everyone?Thanks in advance!

shaftngears 23 posts Joined 10/08
18 Nov 2009

[font=Arial Narrow]I had the same prob. I was running a 32 Bit XP on a 64 bit machine and I got the darn segmain error. Un Installed TD12 ( I could not do a clean un-install , I got rid of just the TD12 via System restore ) Then reinstall it and ran cupconfig -i and update JDR registry so it knows where to find JRE. This time all went well no segmain crap [/font]

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