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ravimans 54 posts Joined 02/14
29 Oct 2014
Tablesize in GB

Hi All,
I am using the below query to calculate the tablesize in GB. I am seeing multiple entries for the same table with various vproc.
This is the final Mart table and the same table has staging table as well. Both staging and mart table has same record count.
My question is:
1) I am seeing different row count in DBC.Tablesize for staging and mart table. For ex: staging has 75 records, mart has 115 records.
2) CurrentPerm value is same for all the records in staging table but CurrentPerm value is different for mart table. Just wanted to know how the CurrentPerm is getting calculated and the tablesize calculation in GB as per the below query is correct or not?




FROM DBC.Tablesize

WHERE Tablename IN ('EMPLOYEE') AND Databasename='MART'



Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
29 Oct 2014

The question is a bit confusing ----For ex: staging has 75 records, mart has 115 records.
The table structures are the same? because sometimes staging cannot be same as target.

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ravimans 54 posts Joined 02/14
30 Oct 2014

Hi Raja,
I am talking about the records in Tablesize table. Staging and Target table has more or less same table structure but few other processing happens in target table by doing look up with some reference tables. Is that clear?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
30 Oct 2014

The number of rows in the dbc.DatabaseSpace table should be exactly the same (= number of AMPs in the system) for each and every table on a system. There's at least a table header on each AMP.


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