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aneelkumar04 22 posts Joined 07/11
18 Aug 2015
Table Lock Issue..

Hi All,
I am loading the data from file to temptable using fastload after loading into main table using insert select. After temp table load complete Data got loaded into Main table using Insert select .This is automated process in our application.
one of my Script that running from Temp table to main table, I got below error.
  Failure 2652 Operation not allowed: dbname.tablename is being Loaded.
                Statement# 1, Info =0
I am unable to Unlock the above using release lock script (empty script)
For this I have run the below script..
#!/bin/ksh -x
fastload << EOD
errlimit 2;
sessions 8;
tenacity 1;
.logon server/userid,paswd;
BEGIN LOADING dbname.tablename;
While running the above script i got below error..
 RDBMS error 3706: Syntax error: expected something
 between the word 'tablename' and the 'WITH' keyword.
Please suggest me how to unlock my table..
Thanks in advance...

aarsh.dave 24 posts Joined 11/12
18 Aug 2015

Try removing  dbname.tablename.
--Aarsh Dave

aneelkumar04 22 posts Joined 07/11
18 Aug 2015

Suppose if i remove dbname and tablename how it will excute. how it will consider particular table got locked ?

nagendratrpth 25 posts Joined 03/14
18 Aug 2015

.logon server/usrid,password;
begin loading fastload_table_name
errofiles error_table1,error_table2;

aneelkumar04 22 posts Joined 07/11
18 Aug 2015

Hi Nagendra,
Thanks for you response.. The thing is , i got the error when i load the data from temp table to target using Insert select format.

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