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Kishore_1 208 posts Joined 03/10
06 Feb 2014
Table ID and Table Name

DBC.TVM contains the tableid .Is there any dictionary table which can provide the information of the table name for the corresponding tableids?

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
06 Feb 2014

You can join DBC.Dbase,DBC.TVFields,DBC.TVM . Let me know.

Raja K Thaw
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Kishore_1 208 posts Joined 03/10
07 Feb 2014

Thanks Raja!It worked.

KVB 124 posts Joined 09/12
07 Feb 2014

Really it's a good one! Thank you Raja.

bchu 1 post Joined 05/16
02 Jun 2016

would someone please show me the exact syntax for this 3 way join?

bill chu

ToddAWalter 316 posts Joined 10/11
02 Jun 2016

This is why there is a DBC.Tables view. The views in DBC do all the joins for you so you don't have to know the details of linking tableids, databaseids,... The views should always be used rather than direcct access to the DBC tables.
A SHOW VIEW on the DBC views can also help understand how the underlying tables work.

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