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HateOra 17 posts Joined 10/13
19 Oct 2013
System utilization/ System health queries

I am new to Teradata, i am looking for some of the important queries which will provide me current and past system utilization.
Ex. want to know which user consumed max resources in last 12 hrs etc...
Is there any way to know this?

Sun_shine_jgd 39 posts Joined 07/13
21 Oct 2013

You can get all these info from dbc.dbqlogtbl .
do a sel * on this.
Can check for amp usage. Cpu usage columns. can see the dates and time of the query from starttime column and username column gives corresponding username

Sachin Ichake 3 posts Joined 06/13
23 Oct 2013

It would be great if you use the viewpoint or else user dbql information to extract the details

Sachin Ichake

HateOra 17 posts Joined 10/13
31 Oct 2013

In viewpoint i dont see all these things.. is there any setting i would need to do to see past utilisation ?

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
31 Oct 2013

I think you can get from these tables:

DBC.DBQLogTbl -----Performance data of the query

DBC.DBQLSqlTbl-----SQL text of the query

DBC.DBQLObjTbl----- DB objects accessed by the query

DBC.DBQLStepTbl-----Steps processing performance by the query

DBC.DBQLExplainTbl - The explain plan text of the query

DBC.DBQLSummaryTbl -Summary  for tactical queries




For resusage:


DBC.ResUsageSPdsk------disk level data

DBC.ResUsageSAWT ------Amp Worker Task data

DBC.ResUsageSps -------schmon data

DBC.ResusageSpma -----For Vproc ,IO contention, Memory, Processes,CPU, Bynet

DBC.ResUsageSldv -----logical device I/O data

DBC.ResUsageShst ------host traffic –data

DBC.ResUsageScpu -----For CPU per node

DBC.ResUsageSvpr -----Vproc data – I think AMP,GTW,Node,PE, RSG


BTW, do you use TASM?




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