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Abdulaziz 10 posts Joined 10/11
11 Aug 2015
String limit for checksum calculation using HASH_MD5 function

Hi Experts,
We are using HASH_MD5 function to calculate the checksum of columns in a table by concatinating them. hash_md5(col1||col2||col3||.......||col32). This function returns distinct value till certain column limit but any further column addition does not have any impact on checksum calculation. 
eg: hash_md5(col1||col2||....col19) returns value ABC
hash_md5(col1||col2||....col20) returns value XYZ
hash_md5(col1||col2||....col20||col21) returns value XYZ
hash_md5(col1||col2||....col20||col21||22)returns value XYZ
Can you please let me know if there is any string/column limit for checksum calculation using HASH_MD5 function?

Regards, Abdulaziz Shaikh
dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
11 Aug 2015

What's the definition for the maximum length of your input string? In the MD5 UDF found in the download area it's only 32000 Latin characters. 
If the concatenated string exceeds that limit there might be a silent truncation stripping off those columns...


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