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sdmody83 4 posts Joined 01/12
15 Jan 2013
Stored Procedure Compile Errors

I have a complex Stored Procedure.
When I compile it using teradata SQL Assistant ( ODBC) it works & runs fine.
However , when I use the same piece of code and run it on Teradata Studio Express(JDBC) it doesnt.
I get the following error :
Failed [5526 : HY000] Stored Procedure is not created/replaced due to error(s).{Nested Failure Msg [5526 : HY000]
JDBC Connection Parameters :
Is there anythign else I can do?

KS42982 137 posts Joined 12/12
16 Jan 2013

Not sure whether you have seen the below article on Studio Express -
If you check the discussion at the end of the article, someone already mentioned the similar issue you are facing and the author responded saying they would look into it to get it fixed. The post is around 1 year old, so not sure whether they really fixed it or not after that.

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