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12 Apr 2015
SSRS Connectivity to Teradata 14.10 version

I have a question regarding to the connectivity of Microsoft Reporting and Analysis Services to the Teradata database. 
Currently we use Teradata 13.10. database as DWH solution and MS BI as a reporting platform. Everything works pretty smooth so far, but we are going to update Teradata from 13.10. to 14.10. version soon. I would like to know whether there is something that needs to be done before Teradata upgrade take a place,  to be sure our solution still works in a future. We have .NET Data Provider for Teradata 14.11 installed and if my understanding is correct it should work with Teradata 14.10. version with no issues, but I would like to confirm with some more experienced experts.
Any kind of information will be much apprieciated.
Thank you,

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