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SAP 73 posts Joined 08/14
13 Nov 2014
SQLServer - Teradata Timestamp Issue

Hi ,
When i migrate Date/Timestamp/Time Data from SQL Server to Teradata , I can see 6 hours of difference among the dates where teradata date/Timestamp is behind . Please help me on this .
Thanks in advance !!

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
13 Nov 2014

Have you checked the timstamp settings on both the servers too? say like selecting the timestamp.....?

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Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
14 Nov 2014

Sounds like a mismatch in the implicit / assumed time zone. In addition to OS time zone settings on the servers:
Check dbscontrol settings SystemTimeZoneHour, SystemTimeZoneMinute, TimeDateWZControl, SystemTimeZoneString
Also look at TimeZoneHour, TimeZoneMinute settings for the load username vs. the query username.
And sometimes the time zone setting for the client displaying the results can matter as well.

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