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08 Apr 2015
SQL to find out Match in a group of the same table

Hi All
I have a requirement to differentiate between exact match and partial match of id numbers based on id_type  in  a group of the same table . My table looks like
Grp_id    Pid                   Id_number        Id_type
1           123                 A1234                IDN
1           123                 B1234                IDO
1            456               A1234                 IDN
2            789                 xyz1                  IDN
2            789                tuv1                   IDO
2            678                tuv1                   IDN
2           678                 xyz1                   IDO
3         987                 ghi234                IDO
3         987                  jkl1234              IDN
3         367                 ghi1234              IDO
In the above 3 scenarios group 1 and 3 is partial match and group2 is an exact match , if id numbers match exactly based on idtype in a group that is an exact match else a partial match. We can have any number of idnumbers in a group i.e  the relation between PID and ID_Number is many to many . I tried recursive sql but it doesnt work for me .  
Can some one please help me with the SQL or give some pointers

Thanks Sidhhu
krrao9 3 posts Joined 05/10
08 Apr 2015

Can any one help me plz?


yuvaevergreen 93 posts Joined 07/09
10 Apr 2015

Self join?

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