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Nolan Madson 12 posts Joined 11/08
28 Jun 2013
SQL Assistant inserts double quotes

I've created a process in Excel/ VBA to generate TD SQL INSERT statements.  The process primarily performs string handling functions including dealing with handling text with double and single quotes and non-printable characters.  The users cut and paste the final INSERT statement into SQL Assistant to run.  Occassionally SQA will insert double quotes around one or more of the INSERT statements in the set of statements.  I don't know exactly what causes that to happen.  Is there anyway to get Teradata to stop inserting double quotes?  Or is that something I should attempt to address at the Excel/ VBA end?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
01 Jul 2013

Hi Nolan,
i don't think that SQLA will add quotes, this is probably done by Excel itself.
Similar when i cut&paste from SQLA to Excel, in some cases it's double quoting the query.


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