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p12345 9 posts Joined 11/13
28 Jun 2015
spool space allocation

I have some doubt on spool space allocation for a particular user on the below scenario:
Suppose user SYSDBA has 500 GB of perm space. It creates user MRKT with 300 GB of perm space and 300 GB of spool. Then user MRKT creates user ADVT with 100 GB of perm space and 100 GB of spool space. So finally user MRKT will be left with 200 GB of perm space and 300 GB of spool.
Now user MRKT creates some tables of 100 GB size in its user space.
Then how much spool space will MRKT user have after creating the tables?
Will it be 300 GB or 200 GB spool space after creating the tables?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
28 Jun 2015

The spool of a user does not depend on the user's perm space (otherwise most end users would have severe problems as they got PERM = 0).
So MRKT still can utilize up to 300GB spool (unless the system runs out of space).


p12345 9 posts Joined 11/13
29 Jun 2015

thnks..for the clarification...

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