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spkother 18 posts Joined 07/13
13 Feb 2015
Spool Space

   I read "unused Perm space is spool space" in one document.
My question was when we get "No spool space" error while processing the query ,if we drop any actaul not used tables(not temporary),is it solve the issue?
I mean is this perm space available as spool space for query processing?

oshun 43 posts Joined 07/10
16 Feb 2015

Yes, spool space is taken from the available perm space but each user has a spool space limit assigned to avoid "run-away" queries which would otherwise use up the complete space. 
Further, "no spool space" can be related to a certain AMp during query execution (skewed spool situation). You have to check this as well. 

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spkother 18 posts Joined 07/13
17 Feb 2015

Thanks,so dropping unwanted permanent tables will give more spool space right ?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
17 Feb 2015

Dropping tables will not help in that case as all the currently unused perm (i.e. in all databases/users) is available as spool.
When you get a "2646 No more spool space" this indicates your user has hit his personal spool limit assigned by the DBA.
Only when the system runs low on spool globally ("2507 Out of spool space on disk") freeing perm will help, but then this is the DBA's problem.


spkother 18 posts Joined 07/13
17 Feb 2015

Thanks Dieter,Now i am clear.

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