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Nits 10 posts Joined 05/06
14 Jul 2006
SP Out Parameter value

Hi, I have created a SP with one OUT parameter. Please tell me how to call this SP in order to test and see the value of the OUT parameter in output screen.Please suggest inputs or code snipsets.RegardsNits

Barry-1604 176 posts Joined 07/05
14 Jul 2006

In your ODBC settings, there a an option called "Return Output Parameters As ResultSet". Make sure that option is checked. Then, you can call the stored procedure in SQL Assistant and the output parameters will be displayed as an answer set.Good luck!

suresh_shaw 1 post Joined 08/11
20 Aug 2011

it's really interesting and i want to learn more about it and i am looking forward to work on this DBMS.

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