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gkk 22 posts Joined 11/10
30 Jun 2011
Some Problem with Bteq !!!!

hai Friends ,

Please kindly help me in resolving the issue .

I have written a Bteq Script ... which is having few inset dmls and one update dml for a particular table .
when i execute the Bteq Script runs successfully and returns a error code 0. even in log file i can see the number of rows effected for each dml.
issue is .. Insert dml records are being commited in database table . But last Update dml is showing executed successfully and displays rows effected in log but when i query in database table , the rows have not got updated .
But when i manually execute the same update statement in Sql Assistant ... the rows are getting updated and commited too.

I am running my Bteq script in Default Transation Mode BTET .
SQL assistant ODBC setting is as System Default Mode.

In teradata Manager is have checked that the Table is having all DML privilages .

so , we have cut and pasted the last update query in another bteq script and scheduled after the Bteq script having only Insert Queries .

Then also no use ... Both Scripts executes successfully.

In my experriance we have written , reviewed many Scripts of all teradata Utilities ... which executes and meets the expectation .

First time i am seeing such issue ... where a Particular Update Query commiting successfully from SQL assistant and Bteq Client window (simply logging in interactively and pasting the update ) it is commiting , But not with a Bteq Script File.

I don't understand this strange behaviour of this teradata 12 .

Please Kindly help me in resolving this issue .

The whole requirement implementation is stopped due to this .


Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
01 Jul 2011

It sounds like you have a Begin Transaction without a corresponding End Transaction.

Post the script output.

gkk 22 posts Joined 11/10
01 Jul 2011


*** Logon successfully completed.
*** Teradata Database Release is
*** Teradata Database Version is
*** Transaction Semantics are BTET.
*** Character Set Name is 'ASCII'.


SET ----

*** Update completed. 3776000 rows changed.
*** Total elapsed time was 23 seconds.


*** You are now logged off from the DBC.

I have not used any BT; ---- ET;
Since default is BTET mode ... (which is Auto Comitt).

gkk 22 posts Joined 11/10
03 Jul 2011

need help

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
05 Jul 2011

You should open an incident with Teradata support.



mcsaravanan 4 posts Joined 07/13
26 Jul 2013

I'm having the same issue here. were you able to resolve it? can you please help me here?
Thank you,

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