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Iaan 1 post Joined 12/06
06 Mar 2012
Side effects of Identifiers named using ANSI SQL:2008 Reserved Words in code run in ANSI Mode?

Hi, can anyone point me to documentation that states that using ANSI SQL:2008 Reserved Words as identifiers (that are not Teradata V13.10 Reserved Words) will not cause problems when code is run in ANSI Mode rather than Teradata Mode. We have a need to run Stored Procedures in ANSI Mode in the future: However, we have named many identifiers with ANSI SQL:2008 Reserved Words. Any help here would be appreciated.

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
07 Mar 2012

There is no difference in the parsing of key words and identifiers between the Teradata and ANSI session modes.  Reserved words are the same in both modes. 

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