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sayaksitex 24 posts Joined 09/12
19 Sep 2013
Should I create staging tables with PI or shall I create NOPI tables?

My source is Oracle, and my staging tables are in Teradata. Should I create staging tables with PI or shall I create NOPI tables?
What is recomanded?

sshareef2 1 post Joined 09/13
19 Sep 2013

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M.Saeed Khurram 544 posts Joined 09/12
20 Sep 2013

NOPI tables are recomended for staging tables. as at this level you do not have well defined PI columns, so in order to avoid skewed data distirbution, NOPI is good choice.


Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
20 Sep 2013

You have umpteen options with Teradata.
You can use NoPI staging tables.
Probably you can download to a file. Then use fload to a staging NoPI table. Then load to a target table using insert-select. In case you find a performance issue, then you can think of using clauses like hash by, hash by random,local order by ....
You can use TPT , even it is available with wizard, where you can see
New Job,Job Name and description, Choose your source as oracle and so on and so forth, choose your destination as Teradata: Load stream for emptu table, it loads faster than update or stream operator....Please have a look at the document.
Thanks and regards,

Raja K Thaw
My wiki:
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sayaksitex 24 posts Joined 09/12
20 Sep 2013

Thank you..Saeed and Raja.
I am using TPT and NOPI tables as staging tables. I was in a doubt that NOPI tables will increase skewness but it looks fine.
cheers :)

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