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Kishore_1 208 posts Joined 03/10
11 Nov 2011
SET and MULTSET table

table1 ia a multiset table.Using table1 , 2 tables are created using the following syntax:


1- CT table2 as (select * from table1) with no data;

2- CT table3 as table1 with no data;


table2 is SET table , while table3 is MULTISET table.

Why does teradata create different table types (SET and MULTISET) using the above create table syntax?

What's the mechanism followed?

CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
14 Nov 2011

Table2 is SET table because is created from SELECT, and SET is the default in Teradata.

Table3 is MULTISET because is created from table1, which is MULTISET.



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